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In compliance with Article 8 of the statutes of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), the prime objective of the monetary policy of the BCEAO is to ensure price stability.

Without prejudice to this objective, the Central Bank provides support for the economic policies of WAEMU with a view to sound and sustainable growth.
Objectives of Monetary Policy
In keeping with monetary equilibrium, the Central Bank may carry out specific missions or projects designed to contribute to an improved monetary policy environment and greater diversification as well as a stronger financial system in WAMU and enhanced technical and professional capacities in the banking and financial sector.
Our focused alpha strategy complements the smart beta strategy. This consists of internally and externally-managed commodity absolute return strategies aimed at a more attractive risk-adjusted return...
The difficulties experienced in the 1980s by development banks, traditional agricultural finance organizations, small- and medium-sized companies and craft trades further aggravated the stagnation and even the regression...
As a fundamental investor, we select equities based on in-depth fundamental company analyses and industry analyses. Our focus investors concentrate on multinational and medium-sized companies...
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Objectives of Monetary Policy

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